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  • Upto 20% Equity in Pabookclub is available for investment
  • Paybookclub owns crypto asset PAYBO on Stellar Blockchain
  • Only 2 Billion PAYBOS will be issued & will exist in circulation
  • 1 Billion PAYBOS will be sold in ICO to Investors
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    Important Milestones for Paybookclub

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    Founder Paybookclub

    Sreedhar Pillai

    • Paybookclub Architect
    • CEO Capexsales Ltd
    • Sales & Marketing

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    How to claim 100,000 PAYBOS Airdrop

    STEP 1:Download and install Paybookclub App on any Android Phone.(Use a friend's phone if you have no Android Phone).

    Download Paybookclub App

    STEP 2: Click 'Sign UP' Button and follow steps to Sign Up. If you have no Android phone, ENTER your iPhone/other number in the Android phone to receive our OTP and complete your Sign Up.

    STEP 3: In the App, click the Hamburger menu on top left to see your USER ID and copy it.

    STEP 4: Copy PUBLIC KEY of your Stellar Wallet. Create a Wallet (You need to spend 5 XLM) if you do not have a Stellar Wallet.

    Create Stellar Wallet

    STEP 5: E MAIL your Paybookclub USER ID and YOUR Stellar Wallet PUBLIC KEY to paybookclub@gmail.com.

    STEP 6: You will receive an E Mail in return confirming the credit of 100,000 PAYBOS in your Wallet account with links to promote Paybookclub for referral income. Start Trading Paybos.

    Paybookclub App Review

    The Best Social Network to Make Instant Money

    The free money-making app pays for every submission you make and then for every like, share, comment your post gets. You get paid every time someone boosts your post or exports it to a website. You can also sell your post and make money off other potential viral posts by buying and boosting or reselling them.


    Trade PAYBO Now to Boost Your Bitcoin Worth!


    PAYBO, a utility token created on the Stellar Block Chain for Paybookclub is already trading. Paybookclub monetises user generated content and rewards users in Bitcoin or PAYBOS and aims to boost Bitcoin by mass adoption by millions of its users.


    Blockchain Technology in Paybookclub

    Paybookclub employs Block Chain technology for protecting IP rights of user generated content and provides Block Chain based infrastructure and services for networking, publishing and sharing content.

    Using PAYBO as its crypto currency for rewarding users and minimising costs of transactions while adding privacy and safety users, Paybookclub network provides the users with a crypto income from their content.


    PAYBO creates mass adoption of Bitcoin

    Paybookclub will create, distribute and manage PAYBO by pegging it to Bitcoin by an innovative concept which will both enhance its value and release it for the benefit of millions. PAYBO will be a loyal defender of Bitcoin.

    Our 3 Selfie ID system will convert personal ID to Bitcoin adress pair.Paybookclub will then donate some bitcoin to the ID and incentivise others to donate too. For millions of people around the world this will form an insurance cover, especially with Bitcoin value going up.


    Global Mobile Network

    Paybookclub is a futuristic, AI driven, user generated content monetising platform on mobile phones and aims to be the Content Market of the world.


    Public Sale of 1 Billion PAYBOS

    One Billion PAYBOS, the crypto of Paybookclub Network, will be sold in an ICO ( initial Coin Offer) to reach 1 Million Users.

    Public Sale start: March 1, 2022 (9:00am GMT)

    CEO(INNO) & Software Partner

    Amit Verma

    • C++ Expert
    • Javascript Intermediate
    • Python Beginner

    Download PDF (1.3mb)

    January 2016

    Concept of Paybookclub on DLT

    The concept of of a Global Mobile Mobile Network to procure User Generated Content in Social Media was formalised.

    January 2017

    Paybookclub App on Android & iOS

    Version 1 of Paybookclub App was released to validate the conceptusing Cloud infra structure and document based data base.

    July 2018

    Paybookclub 3 & PAYBO creation.

    The mobile App is now ICO ready and we have a brand new Crypto coin PAYBO on the Stellar Network. We are excited about the ICO.


    Public Sale start:
    March 1, 2022 (9:00am GMT)

    PAYBO Exchange

    Cash out 5000 PAYBOS & place a SELL order to trade. Post a Screenshot in Paybook & get 10000 PAYBOS. Click to Sign Up

    February 2019

    Integration with Bitcoin

    Every member of Paybookclub will be turned in to a Bitcoin HODLer by our very innovative technology.This will be a crucial App release.

    CTO(INNO) & Software Partner

    Santosh Kumar Singh

    • C++ Expert
    • Javascript Intermediate
    • Python Beginner

    Download PDF (1.3mb)

    Investment Adviser

    Brage Lund Holt

    • Architecht
    • Private Investor
    • OTC Trader

    Download PDF (1.3mb)

    PAYBO ICO Advisor

    Florian Rezeau

    • Project Management
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Blockchain, DLT

    Download PDF (1.3mb)

    PAYBO ICO Community Manager

    Abiola Jacob

    • Java Script, Nodejs
    • ReactJS, Mogo DB
    • Blockchain, Solidity

    Download PDF (1.3mb)

    Q3 2020

    Paybookclub crypto PAYBO start trading

    The PRE SALE has turned in to trading of user rewards in exchanges. The PUBLIC SALE of 1 Billion PAYBOS will take place in Q3 2021.

    Q4 2022

    Full Monetizing and Payment System

    Paybookclub will be developped in to a content generation & monetizing platform and use Bitcoin & PAYBO in several ways.

    Q4 2023

    Million Members in Paybookclub

    We plan to upgrade the Paybookclu Platform with different Content and revenue generation streams and hit a membership of 1 Million.

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